Floral Wearables as Fine Art

Wearable art has been a passion of ours since we began making paper flowers.  We’ve been thrilled to have created some amazing pieces for our more discerning clients.  Our wearable pieces are what ultimately bridged us over from being a crafter to an artist.  Art pieces show an elegant yet vulnerable side to paper flowers that catapult our medium to a fine art.  One of our favorite pieces was used by photographer and director Cedric Terrell, inspired by Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb.  

Our Pieces

Oversized paper flower head pieces have been one of our specialties, and they have been used in fashion shoots and private photo sessions all over! While our work is mainly created from paper, some pieces may include natural or organic material, metal, fabric, and any element that will emphasize and achieve the overall beauty and theme of the intended vision and design. Each of our pieces are extremely detailed with flowers ranging from 1/2” all the way to three feet in diameter! Many include hand painting and other techniques. Each custom flower piece is designed with our client in mind.

Get Started

To begin, first reach out to us with your vision and tell us what you want. Share some inspiration photos with us, if you have any, or your desired color palette. If you don’t have a defined vision, we can work with you to create one. Please note that our minimum cost to create a custom wearable piece is $250. The cost to ship is additional. We do offer local pickup and we may deliver to select areas. Most pieces will have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks, and if you need it sooner there will be an added cost to rush it. In most cases we can begin with a deposit of $100, but for more involved pieces the deposit amount may be higher.