Urn Arrangement + Hues of Orange

Peach and Purple Urn ArrangementThis urn arrangement was an accidental, sunrise inspired peach delight.  Originally I set out intending to create a crepe paper flower arrangement of citrus tones. And, it started out that way.
First, I water treated some double sided orange and yellow paper and made a couple of ranunculus.  They were gorgeous, and I was so excited about them.  Then, I prepped some apricot and pink doublette paper the same way.  I thought perhaps the apricot would take the pink to a little more tangerine-ish.  It didn’t, it took it to an intense peachy apricot and not at all citrus.  While the color did not turn out as I had originally expected, it made for the prettiest Ranunculus!!  I realized that although I hadn’t achieved citrus, I still had an amazing palette.  Peach, apricot and coral are all different hues of Orange.  I conducted a pretty gorgeous although accidental study!

I also used the same paper for  Garden Roses, Butterfly Ranunculus and Anemones.  I further colored a couple of the Anemones using pan pastel red oxide tint and pearlescent red.  The garden rose centers I colored with orange pan pastel.
I’ve recently been obsessed with purple and berry toned flowers, and I really wanted to tie a little of that in to this Urn arrangement.  So I took a look at the color wheel and made a bold choice and decided to go for it.  Taking some double sided purple and lavender paper, I treated it with water and fell in love with the resulting hue.  It reminded me of the darker hues of mountain sunrise, just as the sun is breaking, and therefore a perfect complement to my sunshiny paper.
I used the treated purple paper to make an anemone, a butterfly ranunculus and three Irises.


The purple hued flowers next to the apricot and orange flowers really did remind me of a mountain sunset.
After I made all my flowers, I prepared my urn.  The mouth is 5” in diameter and it’s about 9 inches deep.  I used a flora guppy as my mechanics to help secure the stems.  I really like using flora guppies in my projects as a gentler and sturdier alternative to chicken wire.  I didn’t take pictures of it, sorry…but all I did was stick the guppy into the Urn.
When I need to arrange something larger like a bridal bouquet or large, elegant arrangement such as this, I enjoy consulting with Gather Florist, a retail florist across be street from my shop in Frenchtown.  Paper flowers follow the same design principles as fresh flowers, except maybe they need a little bit more breathing room.  As a paper flower artist with a passion for a complex look + all things bridal,  It’s been so helpful being able to learn from a fresh florist, and this Urn arrangement was an immensely rich lesson in design.
I gravitate towards wide, asymmetrical floral shapes.  So, we began by adding in my paper foliage to establish the initial shape and scale.  As usual, I learned that if you think you have enough foliage… Make a few more pieces and maybe then you might possibly have enough.  Then I added in my garden roses, establishing shape within the foliage. The Ranunculus and anemones followed, placing them higher up from the roses and outward to create airiness.  I created focal flowers for the eye to be drawn to, and accent flowers to balance, But for the texture flowers which hide mechanics and also add interest I have been fascinated with using dried flowers.  In this case, I used Billy balls, Limonium and some gorgeous dried Bougainvillea.  The bougainvillea really completed it for me and I want to order bunches and bunches of it for easy texture in other arrangements!

3 Garden Roses
1 Juliet Rose
4 Anemones
3 Butterfly Ranunculus
9 Ranunculus
3 Iris
19 stems foliage
1 stem dried bougainvillea
3 stem Dried Billy Balls
2-3 stems yellow limonium

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