My Self Care In 2020 + Berry Tone Discovery + Ranunculus

The past few weeks I played with purples and berry tones in my paper flower work and the results made me feel so inspired!

It started last summer after I finished a green foliage wall for Bloomberg.  I had seen so much green the few weeks prior that when I was finished that I desperately needed to play.  So, I made some dusky plum dahlias I loved to pieces.

More inspiration came from a commission of a wall mounted floral set for Godaughters Jewelry.  They needed purple flowers to match their logo.  After that project, lots of deep Violet colored 180g scraps were left over, which I soaked in water to create my own flower dye, and used it to give a bath to a fold of white doublette.

I used 17E/2 Violet by Tiffanie Turner  scraps, soaked them in a bin to release color and reserved the water.  It took quite a while because this color in the Tiffanie Turner line turned out to be quite resistant to releasing the water.  I needed to add in some pink doublette scraps I had to help add to the color in the water.  The resulting color was a lovely nuanced shade of lavender.  I had visions of ranunculus dancing in my head!

It wouldn’t be until several weeks after that when I’d finally have a chance to play.

When I opened my handmade paper flower business two years ago, I never thought I’d lose sight of how important it is to take care of oneself.
It’s been a really intense past few years and stress among other things can really do a number on us, right?  Everything had suffered so I resolved to change it.

Baby steps seems the way to go.  Really don’t wish for burnout this time around, right friends?
My 2020 goals were to exercise daily + journal daily + plus authentically put myself out there more.

So far, I’ve been consistent with 2 of the three, and am working on the other two.  The past couple of days I’ve gone walking and stepped up the pace to jog a little.  To help with that I’ve increased veggies, decreased sugars and made point of sleeping more.  Is it a surprise that I’ve enjoyed side benefits of healthier looking skin and more energy in the evenings?

Anywho back to paper flower art.  I have been aching to carry extra blooms in my shop but I’ve been fortunate to have a series of extremely interesting projects so haven’t had the time to play.  But I did this past week and I wanted to practice ranunculus.  Not only had I been aching to get back to them, they’ve been appearing all over Instagram, fueling my urge to make and share.

Out came Tiffanie Turner’s book The Fine Art of Paper Flowers.  I opened up to her Ranunculus tutorial and followed it.  The first flower was a bit large for a Ranunculus, but it seemed I had skipped a petal treatment step.  Second ranunculus was way better, a bit tighter and smaller.

My shop is right across the street from Gather Flower shop and I sometimes seek feedback from them.  Their opinion was that my flower was pretty but a bit larger than life.  So, I took the tricks I learned from Tiffanie and scaled down.  I used some of the purple/lavender/berry hand dyed paper and  OH MY GAWD was I in love with the new Ranunculus I made!

Additionally, I even made some using other colored paper.  I used magenta/pink and maroon/red and water dipped it.  The colors blended gorgeously and I used it to make more ranunculus and Anemones since the two pair together really well.

I’m so pleased with how they turned out.  Now for a walk on this 45 degree winter day because we all know how important is to remain mobile!!




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