Floral Compote w/Berry Tones

This floral compote arrangement is an art piece I love!

Stunning paper flower arrangement in 7” white footed floral compote

The color treatment:
All winter I’ve been experimenting with berry tones.  I used different colored double sided crepe paper and added nuance by water dipping the paper.  I’ve also added further nuance to the paper by coloring the petals with pan pastels.   In some cases I’ve even further colored by spraying the completed flower with a mixture of alcohol ink and water!  For this palette experimentation, the color and brand alcohol ink I used was Passion Purple, by Piñata Inks.  Only a few drops are needed in nearly a half cup of water because this brand is extremely saturated and has a ton of color.  The combination of water dipping and spraying created such a realistic affect to my purple toned Ranunculus!

I treated the paper for the darker, burgundy anemones the exact same way.  I water dipped the strips of crepe paper on their long edges.  When it dried I cut my petals, and then misted the paper further to blend a little more of the dark berry color in there.  Finally, I colored with a little of the violet shade pan pastel, and the violet tint.

For the burgundy Juliet Roses, I used Lia Griffith extra fine crepe paper and doublette.  These roses are so tricky to make and there are so many ways to make them!  I ended up forming the centers using six stacks of 6-9 petals, which is a common method.  For the rose base, I adopted an armature I learned from Tiffanie Turner’s “The Fine Art of Paper Flowers”.

The whole piece

Assembling the arrangement was the trickiest part, and I consulted with Gather Flower Shop on the best way to get this together.  Becca Gray, an employee of Gather and a feeelance florist was super helpful and taught me a few things about translating my vision into a stunning presentation.  Paper Floral arrangements for the most part use the same principals as fresh flower arrangements, so her insight was so helpful!
I love asymmetrical arrangements, and I tried to follow what’s called a Hogarth curve in the fresh flower world.

First, I added the greenery. I have learned to always create double the amount of foliage I think I need.   Originally I only made 9 pieces of foliage but made a bunch more even after already getting started!
A handful of crepe paper foliage

Then, I added my Juliets and a large ranunculus in a 3 point cluster.  After that, I added the anemones and ranunculus.  The arrangement has a front and back side, so may be viewed as a 360 degree piece.  At the end, I added the texture pieces.  My preference was to use an assortment of dried foliage and flowers.  I had 5 Billy Balls available that I really wanted to use, but their natural yellow wouldn’t have worked with the palette.  So, I sprayed them with Design Master plum tint, made them nice and moody, perfect for this piece!

Back of my paper flower compote arrangement My complete Recipe for this floral compote
2 Juliet Roses
6 Anemones
11 Ranunculus
13 Paper Foliages
5 Billy Balls
5 Stems dried boxwood
8-10 small sprigs of Limoneum

1 7” diameter floral compote
1 Flora Guppy (or chicken wire)
Cartefine # 562 and #588
Lia Griffith doublette in an assortment of colors.
Floral Tape
18 Gauge Wire
32 Gauge Wire
Tacky Glue

Bear in mind that I may receive commissions through a couple of the links posted below, should someone make a purchase through them.  That said, my commission is not my sole purpose of posting and I completely back the quality of the products and the educational link.

Shop Lia Griffith here

Learn how to make amazing floral stems at The Paper Flower Academy

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