Happily Ever After” CAN happen all over again! Recreating a bouquet or centerpiece is a perfect anniversary gift for your wife, yourself, or any deserving bride that wishes to keep their bouquet forever! This is a heart stopping momento to gift to any friend, your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, daughter, or partner!

This is a forever gift because these are flowers that will never wilt! Also, if you prefer to alter the design to have it recreated as an arrangement rather than a handheld, we can do that as well!

Your custom recreation process is simple:

1. Complete the attached form and tell me as much as you can about your original flowers and include a CLEAR photo of the original bouquet. The more photos the better!

​​2. I will reply with a quote, and will begin work immediately upon receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit via credit card. The cost to recreate varies with each bouquet because most brides had designed a bouquet unique to them, but the average cost ranges anywhere between $150-$350 depending on the intricacy of the bouquet. Keep in mind it will sometimes be less, and sometimes it could be more.

3. Watch as we re-design! We will send you photos during the design process unless you prefer to be surprised. Bouquets can be recreated like the original OR altered for display purposes.

​​​4. Wait for the mail! We will ship it to you or deliver if you are close to Union Township in Hunterdon County, NJ. Your balance will include shipping cost.

​​​5. Share pictures on social media and tag me!