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This studio first began in my home during the summer of 2017 right after my wedding. You might think I'm about to tell you I made all my own wedding flowers in paper, but no...I am not. While it's true that I made my flowers, I used a material called Sola Wood. During the design process, I discovered a paper flower tutorial online and was intrigued. However, the most important fact in my beginnings as a paper flower artist is that I was depressed. I was not feeling my best and given that my life with my husband and children was wonderful...I can't tell you for sure why I down in the dumps.
Two weeks after my wedding, I made my first paper flower following a tutorial. I continued to make flowers. The best feeling ever was when I successfully started creating flowers from my own floral studies from my garden or local florist shop. I had always been of a creative and independent nature, and my craft raised a level of excitement in me that I hadn't felt in many years. Slowly, I began to lift out my funk and clear my head. There truly is something to creative therapy, my friends. Art is restorative, just as much as yoga, other exercise and healthy eating.
Bringing a little beauty into the world every day via handcrafted botanicals seemed to be what lit my passion so here I am, a Paper Flower Studio Owner and Artist!
Now, I mentioned I began in my home, right? Specifically, at my kitchen table. I grew from a few art supplies here and there that took up a small corner of my home to an entire wall of storage in our home library and multiple corners of our dining room. This is pretty intense for someone with a decorating taste that tends to run along the lines of less is more. My husband Jim, who is not the neatest person in the world even started to roll his eyes a little and began to encourage the concept of a work studio outside of our home. It was time for me to get serious or do something else. And since I knew I didn't want to return to my Monday-Friday 9-5 Human Resources position, it was time to get serious. At first, I was looking for a small room or a shared artist's space but when I found my current studio location in Frenchtown, I knew it was perfect. I had found a location that can be utilized not just as my studio but also as a place to share this satisfying art! Here, I will serve that individual that wishes to have the most amazing event florals that last or utilize my creative discretion for their loved one, or someone that clearly knows what they want, someone that wishes to explore a hobby and so many more. I pour my heart and soul into each and every creation and I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I love to do when I'm not spending the rest of my time with my busy blended family! Thank you so much for supporting my small business. It means the world to me and I appreciate every single person who allows me to do this- first and foremost my clients but also my amazing and supportive husband Jim. Special shout outs must go to other Paper Florists I've come to know. The support, the mentorship, the love has been unsurpassed by anything. The handcrafted community is fantastic. Thanks again.
Pictures below are creations from my humble beginnings. Much Love,
Kelly Grace Gibbons xxooxox