A Brief Introduction

Hello friends! Welcome to my website, Crafting Space with Kelly Grace. My name is Kelly Grace Gibbons, and I am the founder and owner of my business of the same name! Since you are here, is it safe to assume you are interested in a little about who I am and what I am doing, on this blog? In a nutshell-it has been ajourney! In 2015 my position as an HR Contractor was eliminated and rather than get another one-I decided to challenge myself both physically and mentally to change what I felt was a mediocre direction my life had been going in. I did this by enrolling in school for Exercise Science to become a personal trainer, challenged myself to some tough Spartan Races, taking up Crossfit, and-becoming a Paper Florist. YES, a Paper Florist. It is a very real albeit very unexpected career with lots of wonderful experiences, bumps in the road, highs, lows, mistakes, accomplishments, industry standards, trends, mentors, friends, colleagues, you name it! One of the neatest things of this profession is the photographic ability to track my progress from when I started-to any later point, thanks to the necessity to always be taking photos. My Paper Florist journey began when I decided 6 weeks prior to my wedding to do all my own florals in Sola Wood Flowers, which are flowers created from the wood of a Tapioca tree. After my wedding, I just simply continued to craft pretty florals and discovered Paper Flowers while I was at it! I haven’t looked back…except to grin at a few photos I had posted of some of my earlier flowers. I feel so much gratitude to Livia Cetti, Lia Griffith, Amity Beane, Janita Court, Jesse Chui, Tiffany Turner, ABC Flowers Youtube, Jennifer Tran, and I KNOW there are a few extremely supportive instructors out there that I have missed and for that I’m so sorry!!!
Thank you again for reading my first post. This blog will be the home for a couple of Paper Flower tutorials here and there and some Journaling of my Paper Floristry exploits! Please do share your own thoughts and experiences and stories with me as well…I look forward to hearing from you!
Kelly Grace Gibbons

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